THIS PROJECT IS CURRENTLY ON THE BACK BURNER. We hope to resume work on it in 2010 or so.
Using this website, you can sign up to participate in a broad range of commonly agreed upon issues (see below). Your participation, together with the participation many others, will allow us to work with political and corporate decision makers on your behalf to obligate them to act to address and solve these issues. This process happens in a cooperative, respectful, objective, secular, non-partisan way. » read more about how this works...
Common Issues
» Global Warming and Climate Change
Global warming/climate change has significant quantifiable and potentially catastrophic health, economic, and environmental consequences.
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» Health Care: Sustainable Insurance Rates and General Costs
General health care costs and insurance rates are rising at an unsustainable rate.
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» Health Care: Upfront Disclosure of Costs and Single Tier Pricing
Medical providers often administer treatment without first informing the patient of the costs. Additionally, they often charge different rates for the same services to insurance providers and individual customers.
PARTICIPANTS: 4* ~ » participate now
» Political: Single Topic Legislation
Attaching unrelated bills to legislation muddles the decision making process for legislators.
PARTICIPANTS: 2* ~ » participate now
» Energy Independence and Sustainability
Dependence on foreign oil/sources of energy fosters the support of governments unfriendly to US interests and reduces already finite oil resources.
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